Laurence Edwards ‘A Gathering of Uncertainties’



The exhibition ‘A Gathering of Uncertainties’ was divided into two parts, the first exhibition to occur across both Messums’ gallery venues simultaneously, with large-scale public and private commissions on view in Wiltshire and recent works and studies in Cork Street, London.

These sculptures seem aware of the consequences of their actions – they allude to a natural empathy but suffer the contradiction that their mere existence may contribute to a decline.

It is this new unavoidable truth that Laurence grapples with. His bound figures also point to these conflicts, tying themselves literally up in knots, or cladding themselves in cubist armour. As boundaries between ourselves and nature blur and the identifying features of masculinity shift.




Laurence Edwards

[ 1967
- Present ]
One of the few sculptors who casts his own work, Laurence Edwards is fascinated by human anatomy and the metamorphosis of form and matter that governs the lost-wax process.

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