Tom Robinson ‘Red Day’


“…. these works transmit, again and again, thefeeling of a first impression: they vary and shift but reveal no depth; a surface freshness seems to be constantly renewed before our eyes. The paint often seems to be pushing forward and outwards from the centre of the canvas. In some of the pieces this process is strenuous, muscular, more conflicted; [in others] there is a kind of grace to this interplay, with some paint pushing and some paint yielding; paint making way for more paint.”  Beau Hopkins

Painting in his light-filled studio on the north Norfolk coast Tom Robinson’s abstract oils evolve over months to create complex, rhythmic planes of overlapping colour and space. His work sits within a history of British painterly abstraction where the language of the brush takes the lead over any personal or formal qualities and the success of Robinson’s painting is defined purely by colour, the touch of the paint on canvas, tension and space.


Tom Robinson

[ 1979
- Present ]
Tom Robinson grew up in Dorset then moved from London to Jersey before settling in Norfolk. He studied at the Byam Shaw and The Prince’s Drawing School (now the Royal Drawing School). He was shortlisted for the Gilchrist Fisher award in 2010…

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