Tuesday Riddell



At the heart of the show was her largest work to date – a monumental 9 panel work standing at over two metres tall. It is astonishing in both ambition and complexity and marks a new level of confidence in Tuesday’s practice. This is the centrepiece of a collection of 20 works exploring the web of interconnectedness that joins flora and fauna in the commerce of life and death. It is an exchange that goes on largely unobserved down at the level of the forest floor and in the shade of leaves lifted or earth turned, underneath the soil and in pools of water. Understorey is its name in English and sottobosco the more vegetal Italian variant. Today these transitory worlds – sottobosco once described a generation of Dutch genre painting fascinated with the iconography of resurrected life – represent clues to the salvation of our own planet in how we treat the environment.


Tuesday Riddell

[ 1992
- Present ]
Tuesday Riddell’s work takes us down to the forest floor and a glorious insight into the world that captures her imagination, that ethereal nocturne where all cycles of life and death carry on with rarely a watchful eye.

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