Carlos Zapata

- Present

Carlos Zapata is a Colombian born multi-media artist who has lived in the UK since 1984 and is currently based in Redruth, Cornwall. He mainly creates idiosyncratic carved and painted sculptures and installations. His work deals with many challenging and potent themes including poverty, conflict, religion and race, yet paradoxically, the overriding characteristics are of empathy and compassion.

After conscription in Colombia as a young man, Zapata moved to the UK and begun as a self-taught painter and artist.

Zapata’s work belongs to and takes inspiration from Folk and Tribal Arts from all over the world but specifically South America, from its indigenous populous and the trade routes and traditions that have fed it over the centuries. Many of his sculptures have evolved from the personal experience of living in a foreign land, as well as from his home country where civil issues continue to trouble its people.

Zapata has exhibited with Anima Mundi Gallery, St Ives solo exhibitions and The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition last year as an invited artist (2023), as well as many other galleries.

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